What is "Download via PC"?

The "download via PC" option saves the wallpaper file on your Computer. Using one of the methods below you can transfer the item easily from the Computer onto your phone.
Memory card Phone USB Cable Bluetooth

Unload the memory card
from your phone.

Load the memory card into
the PC/Mac card reader

Transfer the wallpaper file from your PC/Mac to the memory card

Insert the memory card back
into your phone

You Need

Mobile Phone with memory card

Memory card reader on your Computer

Use the USB connector cable that comes with your mobile phone to transfer the wallpaper file.

Plug in the cable to one of the computer's USB ports and transfer the wallpaper file you
downloaded from Bangalinet. You might need to install the phone software
(usually on a CD that came with your phone) on your Computer before you can do this.

You Need

Mobile USB connector cable

Make sure Bluetooth is active on your phone

Connect to the mobile from your PC/Mac

Transfer the wallpaper file using the Bluetooth connection

You Need

Bluetooth on your phone

Bluetooth adapter on your Computer